25 Mistakes Most Small Business Make in Online Marketing

In Blueprint by USuccess

You spent time and money getting your business online and ramping up your marketing efforts. We hope you will get the desired results, but in the most situation, it will not happen! Instead of listing out those mistakes, we divided them into different stages of the marketing processes in which it bases on the 7 steps from USuccess Advocacy Marketing System (UAMS):

  1. Blueprint – strategy and planning
  2. Attract – converts visitors to leads
  3. Engage – nurture leads
  4. Action – converts leads to customers
  5. Service – service fulfillment
  6. Advocate – converts customers to fans or supporters
  7. Review – result measurement


  1. No strategy

You do not know exactly what to do, yet? Simply do it! Construct a site, order promotion on Google or Facebook … However, this might not accomplish the preferred outcome!

  1. Not aligned with current marketing strategy

Your internet marketing method ought to match with your present method to accomplish a harmony that makes it one plus one equivalent to three, and also to increase your advertising and marketing financial investment.

  1. No online marketing plan

Your internet marketing plan functions like a road map to direct your ways to accomplish your critical objective.

  1. Targeting the wrong audiences

You have to refer back to your marketing strategy and also relate to the very same target market. Research study to provide services to brand-new audiences is a must if it is a brand-new project.

  1. Your communication is about your business

Your target markets prefer to recognize exactly how your business could help/solve their problem as opposed to just what you could supply. Reconsider exactly how your deal could address their problem once again!

  1. Hired marketers do not understand your business

This takes place a lot more in internet marketing; some marketing professionals simply utilize one size fit all strategy in doing the advertising and marketing work without recognizing your market as well as target market!

  1. Spending budget in the wrong place

This is a lure! Please lead your investing by Return On Investment (ROI) context that can develop a high impact to your business.

  1. Prospects do not know Why they should buy from you

This is a need to address the inquiry when you start your advertising, your prospects will certainly ask this inquiry when they think about acquiring your service!Please consider just what value you provide as well as separate your business from rivals!

  1. Prospects do not know how your service can help or solve their problem

This is typical; many businesses simply provide just what their service/offer is, rather than exactly how their solutions could resolve their prospects’ problems!


  1. You do not have a website

A website is the center of online marketing. Due to the fact that you do not have a site, your very own media, and also where lead generation happens, the outcome will certainly not take place! Believe just how your target market discovers you with Google, promotion, Social Media, and so on.

  1. Website not responsive or mobile friendly

Over 50% of your possible consumers utilize smartphones to search for details; and if your site is not mobile friendly/responsive, their option is to visit an additional website, which probably will be your rivals!

  1. Your website is outdated

Your site visitors anticipate you have a professional appearance as well as recent/fresh material web site. Will they trust you to provide them with an exceptional solution as well as why they should utilize your solution?

  1. No Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Your prospects look for your solution with Google. The possibility that your potential customers will certainly see you is near Zero if your business is on page 3! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aids you rate high in Google online search engine; however, you have to place an initiative to enhance the ranking, beginning with you creating the website with the following; such as keywords, structure, tag, web link, etc.

  1. Not listed in online directories

As mentioned in Mistake 13, when individuals do browse in Google, it will certainly return local results initially, then other. The concern is just how your business shows up in the local search engine result! You have to be in Google My Business, Yelp, as well as leading high ranking online directories, and you can do well by gathering reviews. We call this local SEO.

  1. Not aware of your service

When your business communicates with your prospects the first thing you need to determine is awareness. There are different levels of awareness. Such as product-aware,solution-aware and problem-aware. Having the knowledge of the different levels of awareness and the stage of consciousness at which your prospects are will help you to communicate with them swiftly.

  1. Cannot find what they need

The majority of your visitors come to your website for information, and if they cannot find it, they just go away forever!Except for your service, plan what information/content you can serve the visitors.

17. Custom Content /strategy

As mention in Mistake 16, your visitors expect something from you that custom serves their need.

  1. No social media presence

If your potential customers are not on social media or Facebook, you can forget this. But the chance is very low, social media is a very effective way to engage your potential and current customers! We suggest starting by being an active listener!

  1. Your message is same as your competitors

Most professional small business just puts About Us, Service and Contact information online. But their information is about the same as their competitor. Please refer to Mistake 15,16 and 17, and ask what value you offer!

  1. No opt-in or reason to opt-in

You did a hard work to bring in visitors. If they are not ready to use your service they just go away. Opt-in is a good practice to capture their contact; but why will they give you their contacts? Offer something that can help or educate them (we call this lead magnet), such as guide, ebook.


  1. Not enough contact point to build trust

Your potential customers might not “heat up” since they do not have sufficient details to identify why your solution is the best option for them, why they should buy from you, and why purchase your service. You require responding to these inquiries through different contact points that can build up the trust factor.

  1. No follow up or engage with your leads

In Mistakes 20, you may get the prospect contact; but did you follow up with them, and how? The beauty of online marketing is you can do it in auto pilot manner through drip email, Social Media, newsletter, blog, and promotion to warm up and change the status to hot!


  1. No call to action

In Mistakes 22, you follow up and engaged with the leads, but you need to direct them to take action. This is what we call Call To Action (CTA), just ask your leads to take a single action. Let’s start!

  1. Not considering customer journey

A Customer Journey is how your prospects interact with your service. Most common stages are Attract, Engage, and Action. Also, the prospects may jump directly to one of the stages. Did you prepare to cater for these in the planning/blueprint stage?


  1. Not tracking results

If you do not trace your result you cannot improve it. But you may track the wrong data. For example, you got 1,000 visitors per day to your website. Very good result! But, how many became your customers, may be only one! You should measure what relate to your goal (create customer), instead of other marketing data, etc.

Just as you can notice, 20 out of 25 of the mistakes happen in the Blueprint and Attract steps. To avoid online marketing traps, planning ahead with your marketing coach is the best move!