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Website design is so important to small service business because it is your online storefront, your central information hub and your lead generation machine!

Most small businesses fall into the trap of thinking that having a “skin beauty” website will get customers! However, visitors would only spend 3 seconds to search on what they want, then they will go away forever! Even if they stay on your website, will they buy or make an appointment with you? Not that simple!

To convert a visitor to your customer you need to find out:

  • How your customers find your business?
  • Why they trust you and give you business?
  • Why you are NOT just another “xxx”?

We offer website designs not only with “skin beauty” but with the ability to attract visitors from Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), then engage / educate /nurture them that build trust and shown them your “remarkable” service. When they are ready to take “action”, you are the top choice! The whole process is call “lead generation”.

It’s that simple!

Website Redesign

If you have a website and would like to transform it to a lead generating machine, please contact us and start a FREE website audit!

Service Plan

STANDARD Flexible payment plan available


Let’s Start
  • Up to 5 pages – mobile responsive designed
  • 4 revisions for webs design and content respectively
  • Fast and Security WordPress base website
  • Persuaded copywriting/editing (up to 4 hours)
  • Keywords planning (up to 5)
  • On-page SEO
  • Lead Opt-In list building form
  • Clear Call To Action (CTA) per page
  • 1 x Landing page for lead magnet/offer ready
  • Email autoresponder setup and integrated
  • Blog integrated
  • Social Media integration (for 2 accounts)
  • WordPress training videos
  • On-the-task training
  • Website documentation

***Bonus worth over $500!***

  • Free .com or .au domain for 2 years
  • Google My Business/Map, Bing Place, Facebook Review created/optimized (for Local SEO)
  • 20 Australia highest domain authority directory submission (for Local SEO)
  • 20 super page rank global directory submission (for SEO)


  • $120 per additional page
  • Logo/branding design
  • SEO and persuaded copywriting(content, blog)
  • Social Media profile cover
  • Online appointment/booking integration
  • Digital products/service payment integration

Frequently Asked Questions

A website helps your business to generate sales (if implemented correctly) and offer double-digit ROI. Say if your website cost $1,500 to build, attract one customer per day and each customer offers $150 per sale, for one month you get $3,000!! However not all websites built are equal, it must be able to attract visitor and convert them to leads like the website we built.
You just need to answer a few questions for us to understand your need and preference. We will create a demo website for you (100% Free) within an agreed timeframe, once you say “Yes”, your website building journey will start!
We understand that you like to launch it ASAP! From our experience, it usually takes three revisions to complete both the website design and content copywriting and the duration also depends on how quick you come back. It takes about 4 to 6 weeks roughly, but our suggestion is that you focus on the quality of the website instead of time.
We provide two months Managed Web Hosting after your website launch. During this period, we will “tune up” and fix any problem before handing over the website to you. After two months, we strongly recommend that you join our Managed Web Hosting service for Peace of Mind operation.
WordPress website is famous for being user-friendly and you can manage/edit/update your website. We also provide both video and on-the-task training!
Even IBM and Microsoft cannot answer your question. You can only get “relative security” but not absolute, but we take both reactive and proactive ways to achieve “relative security”. The reactive way is a constant update of WordPress, and plugin (add-on), the proactive way is constant security monitoring for malware and spam.

Some companies also offer “propriety CMS” and claim to be more secure but without proof and as they are the ONLY source you get a software update to secure the website! Beware of being LOCK-IN!

The beauty of WordPress is that it powers up over 30% of global websites, 100% open source and easily integrate with CRM, Accounting, and Marketing Automation systems.

Payment made in 5 instalments:

  1. First payment as deposit
  2. Second payment after the first revision
  3. Third payment after the final revision
  4. Fourth payment before website launch
  5. Fifth/Balance payment due 2 months after website launch
From our experience, it depends on when your website was built and the quality of the content. In most situations, the redesign time is less and that means it will cost less. From another perspective, if you can get more customers after the redesign, will you go for it?
As a local business, you will enjoy higher page rank and less competition for the search result in the local search (Google My Business).
If your website response time is not within 3 to 5 seconds, 90% visitors will be gone and never come back. Google also gives you a lower rank, so we only build a fast and high-performance website.
You will lose 50% of potential traffic from mobile users as mobile traffic accounts for over 50% of internet traffic. Google will also give your website a lower page rank!
E-commerce websites would require significantly more development time and effort! However, we integrate online payment solution for PayPal, VISA and Master card.
Remember that your goal for the website is to get customers. Over 90% of websites offer “skin beauty” with a laundry list of services. How can you attract traffic and generate leads?
What we offer is that your website will be ready to attract visitors through SEO and convert them to leads which generate positive ROI!

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